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Mental Health

Get Well Soon

Country of Origin: United States of America

Author’s note: Here is my poem that deals with mental illness and LGBTQIA+ factors.

The echo of heels and dress and shoes, 

fills the silence outside my room. 

I will meet 

the doctor tomorrow.

Today’s session will mend; 

Aversion Therapy

The ailment that stills my mother’s lips, 

makes her wrest her eyes 

when she sees us. 

Her long fingers grasp your locks

as she heaves you out of my room and my memory–  

The faint taste of cherry on my tongue.

It is the only thing that brings me comfort.

I sit in this chair with wires 

cemented to my arms. 

Now, there are jittery muscles and blisters. 

Sit still! 

You will be healed!

Thank you to Hazel Koritzer and Apurva Makashir for their inspired edits on this piece and to everyone else on the Mental Health team.

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Tia Credle is a graduate of Salisbury University with a Bachelor's in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. Tia has been writing stories and poems since the age of nine and recently has been submitting her works to literary magazines. Her poem, The Perfect Example of Agony. was published in Polaris Magazine and Pocrescophobia in DG Sentinel last year. She enjoys listening to music, watching YouTube videos, reading, and writing. She dreams of being a published writer and an editor for a literary magazine.

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