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I like

Country of origin: UK, Greece, Italy, Israel

As I find myself in a very difficult time in Israel, where I live, this is a deliberately slow-paced ode to my journey to Ithaka.


I like

how light dances through fluted glass

drowsy streets at dawn

my tall son’s sudden smiles

the doves dozing on our balcony

older folks in redeemed finery

my daughter’s excited curls

the pond toads, sometimes frozen still, sometimes flying over swimming water irises

untranslatable words

drizzle on a hot day

movies in the afternoon

fresh mint

22 years of their father’s playful intuition

unlike another’s vision, once suspending this array beyond reach in our Mediterranean maelstrom.

I like that flying away eastwards, across the waves and years to now, they have all bloomed mine.

I have a background in writing, editing, and global trends. I believe in the transformative power of words and understand that everyone has a valuable story to tell. I am inspired by seeing more people care about sharing and protecting resources, enjoying experiences over products, and celebrating their unique selves.

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