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    Whore Sonnets

    a portrait of a woman with a mask over her face

    A vision of seduction, a slim waist, Her fit physique an invitation, To explore the longings your heart craves, Her energy is your new fixation.

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    I Am Just as Confused As You Are

    footsteps standing on pavement with two arrows; one pointing left and the other pointing right

    You are not alone, I am just as confused as you are.  My life hasn't always been the way I wanted it to be. I hated business studies in my junior secondary school, but surprisingly, I had the highest score on the “termly assessment” test. I wanted to be a science student, but I got randomly selected for a commercial class and ended up loving it. As a student of commerce, I graduated as the best in my set.  Discovering what I wanted to do with my life and career was even more challenging.

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    Why Fueling Work with my Intense Passion is My Disruptive Secret

    an out stretched hand with a diamond hovering over it

    Society doesn’t like people like me, like you. Do you ever find yourself caught in the worry that your diverse passions could lead to confusion in people around you? Your audience, even? Maybe, like myself, you're concerned that this could even endanger the success of your business because you’re scattered all over the place. We are squiggly lines, and society likes straight, linear individuals.

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    Reminiscing on My First Day of Teaching

    Jordan Luz and his students from English 100; class picture

    My first day of teaching still haunts me to this day.  Not because it was a bad experience, although there were many things I would do differently if I could, but because it was the fact that I was teaching. Even though I majored in English as an undergraduate and master’s student, it was difficult for me to imagine myself in front of the classroom as a teacher.  I was notorious for doubting myself. Heck, still today, even when it’s been five years since I started teaching.

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    Healing Beyond Medicine

    Hands clasped together

    Patients, diagnoses, and treatments are my life. As a medical intern, what else can I think of other than the whirlwind of patients?  New challenges and lessons are what each day brings, but nothing could have prepared me for the encounter. An encounter that would leave a lasting imprint on my heart and impact my approach to patient care.